How it Works

We all love nothing more than an outdoor, summer event. From music festivals to parish fairs and village fetes this is a time when we gather, relax and have fun. The problem is, recently, this has been a driver for mountains of waste. Single-use plastic at events in the UK is a big problem. Around 100+ million plastic cups are used every year at UK festivals and live events, and most of these are incinerated or sent to landfill.

Using reusable cups instead of single-use cups can significantly reduce plastic production, waste, and the overall environmental impact of serving drinks at events.

The good news is – Drinksmate offer a solution. We have made the use of Reusable cup schemes more affordable and accessible, making them an ideal solution for events of all scales.

When Deciding how to manage reusable cups at your event there are certain factors to consider. Generally, the aim is to retain the highest percentage of cups possible so they can be reused.

Drinksmate offer a range of options, including the provision of generic and/or branded bar cups, washing the cups on-site or off-site daily; or for smaller events, washing all cups after the event in bulk.

Most events aim to find the right balance between covering the costs of managing the reusable cup system, satisfying sponsors if they have them, and retaining the majority of cups for reuse.

Drinksmate - Crafting Beverage
Drinksmate - Crafting Beverage
Drinksmate - Crafting Beverage

Financial benefits will depend on the arrangements in place, two popular options are the deposit or levy schemes:

Refundable Deposit

Compulsory Levy