Why Implement Reusable Cups?

As part of reducing your events carbon footprint, one option is to implement a reusable cup system, thus replacing the disposable cups system which has previously been used.

The reusable cups can be specifically branded to your event.

The system will make your event a greener event, with less single-use rubbish to clear up and dispose of meaning less landfill. The cups themselves are 100% made from recyclable material.

Our cups are sturdier than the throw away cup you may currently be using, which should make for a much more enjoyable drinking experience.

They are also a perfect take-home souvenir.

According to Hope Solutions, every 1 million reusable cups in regular use, 1000 tonnes of C02e emissions and 300 tonnes waste could be avoided.

Why Implement Reusable Cups

Yet whilst many music events, festivals and sports venues are embracing reusable cups, there are still around 100+ million plastic cups used every year at UK festivals and live events (Hope Solutions), and this doesn’t take into account for those at smaller local events and festivals.

Cost is one of the most common concerns raised from event organisers who aren’t using reusable cups – ie. reusables were more expensive than disposables. However, event organisers who have switched note the benefits from reduced littering and waste, which therefore has led to reduced litter picking and waste management costs. It is reported by some Food and Drink Festivals that a 40% saving in waste management costs are being made from making the switch.

Here at Drinksmate we ensure that we offer the most cost effective and highest quality reusable cups on the market!

It may be worthwhile approaching sponsors for your branded cups! Work with your sponsors to get them on board with your plan: being seen to be environmentally responsible is better for their brand as well as for your event’s reputation. Cup sponsorship can be considered for covering the initial cost of buying your cups by printing the sponsors branding on the cup.

They are also a perfect take-home souvenir.

Reasons for implementing reusable cups

Other important facts to consider...

Whilst single use cups are convenient for outdoor areas, festivals and events with glass restrictions, they and plastic bottles are some of the highest contributors to plastic waste we throw away.

Paper cups whilst taking less time to breakdown, are lined with plastic to make them waterproof, which means they are very difficult to recycle, if at all. 2.5 billion disposable paper cups are used each year in the UK alone, this is the equivalent to 1.1 million trees. 1 tree absorbs 48lbs of C02 each year, this calculates to 24,340 tonnes of C02 a year in the UK, not absorbed.

Both of these cups also carry a high carbon footprint, due to the travel across the EU to facilitate any effective waste management.