The Waste Hierarchy is a set of guidelines used by environmental and government agencies to rank waste management options according to what is best for the environment. Stadium Cups sit at the top of this hierarchy.

The waste hierarchy – a legal requirement UK companies have a Duty of Care to operate according to the principles of waste minimisation.
The revised EU Waste Framework Directive (2008) sets out five steps for dealing with waste, ranked according to their environmental impact; this is known as the waste hierarchy.

The system highlights that preventing waste should be the main priority. Following this recycling should be prioritised, then recovery and finally disposal. Here at Stadium Cup we want to encourage all clubs to use our reusable cups and eliminate single use plastics. Reusable cups from Drinksmate can be washed, dried and reused and at the end of their service can be recycled so never have to end up in landfill sites.

Here at Drinksmate we understand that huge reductions in waste can be made very simply with the adoption of reusable rather than disposable cups at each and every event. Many of our European neighbours, as well as America and Australia appear to be leading the way in terms of their attitudes towards recycling and it is fantastic that the UK and Ireland are catching up but still more needs to be done -

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